Update – New Notifications Pallet – Improve Business Collaboration.

We have been constantly busy with updating Skylight business application, so that we can meet your business needs. The development of our app is ongoing, which means you get weekly updates to the live app.

These updates are not always changes that are visible. At times, it will just be a small tweak and sometimes a complete rewrite (refactoring as it’s called in developers world) of existing features. All this is done with an aim to improve the user experience and add value for our business customers.

Each step we take means we get closer to achieving our vision. The vision of providing a comprehensive system that will manage your day to day business activities.

Welcome Notifications Pallet.

The new notifications pallet now provides you with recent Notifications in an accessible part of the Skylight App. You might have already noticed it on the top right of your screen.

Skylight Notifications by email and in app for Business Update   New Notifications Pallet   Improve Business Collaboration.


To check what notifications you have, just hover your mouse over the ‘Notification’ section, and a pop-up palette comes to life. By default, this pallet shows you the three most recent notifications sent to you from Skylight. You then have an option to select the “show more” option to see older notifications too.

Skylight Notifications Pallet in app for Business Update   New Notifications Pallet   Improve Business Collaboration.

If someone leaves a comment or sends a message via email, remember all this information is relevant to you and is shown in the notifications pallet.

You can also browse over the record that represents the notification. For instance, if someone created a TASK assigned to you, you can browse that task or the team members profile who created it. All this information is now accessible by a single click.


Skylight Notifications by email and in app for Business links Update   New Notifications Pallet   Improve Business Collaboration.

In the above example:

  1. Click on the file link will take you to that file.
  2. Click on the contact will take you to the contact profile view.
  3. Message will take you to that message view.

By default, all the notifications are relevant to the user, so when you are logged in and going through your notifications pallet, you are only seeing notifications relevant to you.


Notifications Emails:

Skylight sends out notifications when actions or steps  are taken by others on your account for example adding a task or replying to a comment.  This helps to keep everyone informed of the latest activity on their projects. The issue we had before, was that these notifications can end up sitting in your inbox collecting digital dust. So we decided to solve this problem.

Extending Skylight Notification System Now Reply to Comments by Email Update   New Notifications Pallet   Improve Business Collaboration.

Tips for Happy Browsing:

Another trick we have been suggesting to customers is getting used to “Right Click + Open a New Window or Browser Tab”. When you click any of the BLUE links provided you will be taken to that record in Skylight by leaving the current view.

You might not want this all the time and in some cases it’s necessary to have the current window open while browsing the other data. A simple solution is to get used to using CTRL + Click (pc) and CMD + CLICK (mac). Right mouse button + Click will also do the same trick.

This means you can keep your current browser window open while browsing the related data on another browser window or tab. This saves you having to reload pages after pages.

We hope this update helps you to improve the use of our Skylight service for your business. It will also enable you to reduce the time you take when looking up information and searching through your inbox.

Keep us posted on how you find the new notifications sections, and if there is any feedback, please head to our forum.

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