Skylight Business App is now on Speed!

You might have noticed that Skylight is whizzing at faster speed than before, this is the result of recent updates and optimizations across our App cloud servers.

Over the last few months some of our customers were reporting slow App performance, specially when dealing with large number of projects with many related records.

Some times these issues were related with a customers computer, older browser or DNS settings on local network. So if you are still having issues please check that you have the most up to date version of the browser, your DNS settings are correct, for us Google DNS settings work the best.

And a large part of it was the recent growth in our customer base, this resulted in increase server capacity being utilize to serve this growth but also required us to do some much needed optimizations.

The recent performance increases are the result of last few months of hard work, many pizza deliveries and late nights.

These updates are still rolling out, so if you find yourself not being able to login or having unexpected results, we will suggest that you clear you browser cache and cookies.

In coming weeks, we’ll be announcing new release and blogs posts with tons of new tutorials. So we welcome your feedback and input to shape these, please use our Skylight help forum or connect with us on Facebook.

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