What's urgent, What's important

I must be crazy, right? There are barely enough hours in the day as it is, what with my various roles as an entrepreneur, a filmmaker, a creative and sometimes even a business strategist. I take these roles very seriously indeed – they require my full concentration so that I can do justice to my efforts.

What’s more, the more roles I have, the more opportunities they lead to, leaving me with even less time on my hands! Take my editing and post production work – this led to me establishing my company Blueberry Creatives, a market leader in the UK’s creative industry, back in 2002 when I was getting more phone calls then the hours in the day.

Then there’s my filmmaking.I have been a director, producer and editor for over twenty years. Originally this was just something I did for my love of film, but before I knew it I’d gone and established my film production company WIDEi Films in 2005, working with major broadcasters such as HBO, BBC, CNN and many others, creating several highly commended documentary films.

More recently (as if I didn’t already have enough on my plate!), my workaholic, geeky persona led me to establishing Skylight Interactive, a web development and business solutions firm that is behind the highly successful business collaboration and management tool has taken up a LOT of my time, but it’s received some very positive reviews in recent weeks, most notably from BBC who labelled it “a one-stop professional collaboration & utility shop”, so it looks as if my hard work is set to pay off.

As you now know, I’m a man who wears many caps, so why on earth would I want to contribute to yet another blog? Is it because I am a sadist, that I enjoy nothing better than pushing myself to the limit of my endurance, working myself into the ground???


Of course not – in fact, I actually value my free time, what little of it I have! So why on earth would I do this to myself now?

No doubt many people will say that I’m insane, but in actual fact the issues I deal with now are similar to the issues I have dealt with many years ago. I’ve never had enough time in the day to do what I gotta do. I’ve tried all kinds of tools and methodologies to get things done (GTD as its famously known), but nothing seems to work. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s more of a personal problem that anything systematic. My problem is that I love personal interaction, which leads to me spending hours of my time chatting away on Skype or meeting people. This time could be far better utilized dealing with my endless GTD list. Then there are all the interruptions that push my planned tasks for the day forwards. And that’s without mentioning the occasional disaster that is totally beyond my control.

So why do I want to start ANOTHER blog?

Well, we need to remember the old rule – what’s important and what’s urgent are two completely different things. My time is short, and so I have to be very selective about how it’s spent, focusing on things that are most important to me at present. Right now, that’s Skylight and Blueberry.

Skylight has only been around for a short while. It’s in the early stages of its development, and so I need to dedicate my efforts to it. With Blueberry it’s different – I still need to dedicate some time to it, but having such a wonderful team, it’s in very good hands so I can pay a lot less attention to it.

As for WIDEi, we downsized this some time ago, closing the door on our post facilities as it was far too time consuming, and also because I was losing interest running a production company. Although even now, I still wear my filmmaker cap from time to time, such as my most recent collaboration “The Bengali Detective” official selection Sundance, Berlin Film Festival and is now an HBO film, recentely short listed for Grierson’s Shortlist.

The reason I’m starting a new blog is simple – I often find I have a lot to share, and all the other caps I wear don’t fit with these thoughts and ideas. They need a place of their own, and well, this site has been up for almost a year now, so I may as well use it to share something of value.

So this is my idea: I’ll be able to use my new blog to share my rants, my ideas and my learning, free from having to worry about the business angle or any potential impact that my words could have on my other businesses and their customers.

I’m planning to write as often as my limited time allows, to share content from other places and see what might be of interest to my audience. I also think that now is the time to “make my mark” on the blogosphere, as they say.

Hopefully, you’ll understand where I’m coming from and want to bookmark this site, subscribe to my RSS feed using some funky new bookmark/news reader, or better still, just follow me on Twitter and  Facebook so that you can stay updated with my ramblings wherever you go.

As I said before, there’s a big difference between what’s urgent and what’s important. My new blog might not be urgent, but I do think it’s important to share my thoughts with the world. With any luck, whatever I have to share with you will be of some value and help to better your lives in some way!

Feel free to comment here, I would love to get some dialogue going! Until next time (when I have some time!), this is Taimur signing off from his own blog for the first time!

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  4. Marcel Kalveram
    Marcel KalveramSeptember 5,12

    Great read, I know exactly what you mean when you speak about “time chatting away on skype”… however I wouldn’t consider this type of personal interaction a problem, but regard it as time well invested.

    • Taimur Khan
      Taimur KhanSeptember 26,12

      Hi Marcel, Sorry i though i had replied to this comment but have been so busy with other stuff that just didn’t have time to look back. And its only now i am finding that my response has gone walkies.

      Yeah i agree the personal interactions are the most important aspect of any ones life and work. I was more referring to the point that ome times these interactions take over so much of working day that the most important stuff lags behind and I for one have been fairly bad at keeping them under controle. Phone rings I answer, cant say no!

  5. admin
    adminSeptember 16,12

    Thanks for sharing. Site’s running on wordpress and small server with some caching

  1. Asgerda08-17-12

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